A Brief History of Golf Carts

Today, golf carts are used recreationaly for our enjoyment on and off the golf course; in business for agriculture, warehouses, etc.; for seniors and the disabled population to increase independence, for short jaunts to save gas; and so much more – but that certainly wasn’t the case at first. Golf carts were first introduced in 1932, but they were far from as popular as they are today. From the 1930s to the 1950s, their primary purpose was to help people with disabilities move about more freely.

Then, when the 1950s hit, the golf cart became more of a hit. The 1950s marks the time period when golf carts actually became popular with golfers. This also marks the time when electric golf carts were used during World War II gas rationing, most widely used for women when they went grocery shopping. Two of the premier companies we associate with the high quality golf carts of today – E-Z-Go and Club Car – became part of this golf cart craze, and began to manufacturing and distributing electronic golf carts in the middle of 1950s.

In 1957, the first gas powered golf cart was introduced. It was a three wheeler designed to carry two passengers with bags. Harley Davidson manufactured and distributed thousands of these innovative golf carts. In fact, this iconic three-wheeled gas cart had a reversible two-stroke engine which is actually used today in some high-end snowmobiles!

Today, Club Car and E-Z-Go maintain their popularity, along with Cushman and Gem. Gulf Atlantic Vehicles in New Smyrna Beach carries all of these top-of-the-line gas and electric golf carts, and offers hundreds of options and accessories to create the perfect custom vehicle for your needs.  If you are interested in purchasing a high quality, affordable golf car, please feel free to stop by our convenient location on Pioneer Trail or call us at 386-427-9778.

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