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Tip #1: Verify the year of the car...

By the serial number and/or manufacturer’s code (on EZGO cars) attached to the body or stamped into the frame of the car. A dealer should be able to show you the serial number on a car. If in doubt, call the manufacturer of the car (E-Z-GO, Club Car) and ask for customer service to verify the year of the car.

Tip #2: Verify the age of the batteries in the car

The batteries should be stamped on top of each negative post’s flat area with a number and a letter. Battery date code can also be printed on a sticker on some brands. The letter stands for the month of the year – A is January. The number represents the last digit of the year the batteries were manufactured. With new 2023 batteries – 3 would be for 2023. Batteries last 3-5 years depending on maintenance. Don’t just take the word of the seller – this could be a very costly mistake.

Tip #3: If it is important to you, verify the speed of the car.

Standard speed is around 12-15 mph. High speed is around 18-20 mph. Depending on the make and model of a car, it can be very costly to change the speed of the vehicle.

Tip #4: If the car is lifted with a lift kit...

confirm that the controller and wiring in the car will allow the car to operate as you need it to for your use.

Tip #5: Verify the price of the car includes...

the battery charger specifically made for the voltage of the golf car you are considering. Ask the seller to plug in the charger to the car to make sure it is working.

Tip #6: Verify if delivery is included in the price of a car.

Tip #7: Ask if the installation price is included in the addition of any option that you decide to add to the car at time of purchase.

Tip #8: Ask what the warranty of the car is and what does the warranty include. Ask if a service call is covered under warranty.

Tip #9: Ask if the dealer you are buying from is a factory authorized dealer of the make of the car you are buying.

This is important for service technical training and the availability of parts. E-Z-GO, Club Car & GEM Factory warranty is only allowed by a factory authorized dealer of their brands. Many diagnostic tools and software upgrades required for newer cars are only available from a factory authorized dealer.

Tip #10: Ask if the dealer is licensed and insured for liability and worker’s compensation.


Tip #12: Make sure your street legal vehicle indeed goes at least 20 MPH but does not exceed 25 MPH.

Tip #13: You MUST have a DOT approved windshield on your street legal vehicle.

Make sure that you see the DOT approved AS4 orAS5 certification etched into your windshield. You may be paying for a windshield that is not DOT approved!

Street Legal Cars

Determining the true year of a golf car converted to a Street Legal ASPT LSV (Assembled From Parts- Low Speed Vehicle) can be difficult and some advertisements can be misleading.

When a golf car is converted to a Street Legal ASPT LSV, the title will reflect the year it was assigned a title and VIN number. Example: If we take a 2017 golf car, add the required street legal equipment, reform all required DMV paperwork and inspection to make the car street legal and get it titled, it becomes a 2023 ASPT LSV. Many advertisers will sell this cart as a 2023 car and lead the consumer to believe it is a completely brand new car.  We always inform our customer of the year the car was originally manufactured, so they are well informed on whether the car is used, reconditioned, remanufactured, or brand new.

At Gulf Atlantic Vehicles we take pride in our attention to detail and customer service. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options for buying a new or used golf car!

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