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Find the Serial Number on Your Car

The serial number on your EZGO or Club Car can be located in a few different areas of the vehicle, based on the model and the year.

Use this handy guide to help find the serial number of your EZGO or Club Car Vehicle, or reach out to us by using the form below to ask any questions about this process. You can also find some examples of where to find your serial number in the following pictures.

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Finding the serial number on your EZGO Car

Example EZGO SN: B1206 253745. The manufacture code is the B1206 portion. The “06” designates the year of the vehicle as a model year 2006.
Likely have the manufacture code and the serial number in the passenger side dash compartment, stamped into a plate. The manufacture code on an EZGO is not technically part of the serial number, but this gives us the year of the vehicle without having to search through the EZGO website.
Likely have a sticker located under the motor access cover (the black flap that you must lift up after the seat is also lifted), located on a cross bar of the frame.
Have a sticker either located on the steering column, under the charger receptacle and/or on the frame under the front cowl.

Finding the serial number on your Club Car

The entire set of letters and numbers are the serial number for a Club Car. An Example is: JE1605 987303. The “16” after the letters designates the year as a 2016.
Typically have a serial number plate or sticker mounted below the dash of the vehicle.
Serial number stickers are typically either in the vicinity of the passenger side foot board or in the dash on the passenger side.

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