5 Great Movies about Golf

It’s wintertime – a great time to hunker down and watch a good movie. If you are a golfer, you may want to consider a movie about golf because there are some really great ones. Here are five outstanding examples…

How can anyone explain “Caddyshack” and do it the justice it deserves? Arguably the funniest golf movie ever made, “Caddyshack” stars comic geniuses Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield and is centered around a groundskeeper who is tormented by a devious gopher who is ravaging the greens, a caddy who is trying to earn a caddy scholarship and a rude millionaire who wants to purchase the golf course.

If you prefer romances with feel-good endings, you could cuddle up on your cushy sofa, wrapped in your favorite comforter and watch “Tin Cup” – a movie about a failed pro golfer who meets a beautiful woman. It stars Kevin Costner and Rene Russo.

There is also an entertaining golf movie called “Happy Gilmore.” This is an Adam Sandler flick about a guy who wants to be a hockey player, but he can’t skate so he joins the PGA Tour instead. How about the “Legend of Bagger Vance” fantasy film starring Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron? Or you could go retro and watch “The Caddy,” a musical classic with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Whatever your pleasure, it is almost certain you can find a golf movie that suits.

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