Creating a Custom Cart Just for You

Gulf Atlantic carries golf carts in all the top lines and offers hundreds of options and accessories to
create the perfect custom vehicle for your needs. So, put your stamp on it, and personalize your cart so
that it screams YOU!
You can, in essence, turn your golf car into exactly what you want. If your older parent or teenager will
be enjoying the cart, safety may be your main concern. You can add a host of safety features, including
rearview mirrors, brake lights, safety belts, turn signals, reinforced windshields with wipers. There are
even headlights for night driving.
Maybe style is your thing. You can wrap your cart in camo or make it look like a Cadillac. The world is
your oyster when you customize at Gulf Atlantic. You can add anything from coolers, to carpeting, to cup
holders, extra seating, stylish seat covers, a GPS unit or stereo. Change up your tires and rims, tint your
windshield, add brush guards…and even fender flairs and rocker panels!
Golf cars with roofs can have a roof rack, storage rack and cooling fan. Some manufacturers even offer
solar roofs which help reduce charging costs of electric carts to practically zero and reduce the carbon
footprint for all of the energy conscious golf cart owners out there.
However you choose to accessorize your golf cart, it is wise to use a reliable vendor. Gulf Atlantic is New
Smyrna Beach’s trusted golf car source. Feel free to visit our convenient location on Pioneer Trail in New
Smyrna Beach or call us at 386-427- 9778.

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