Customized License Plates for Golf Carts

We all know there are golf hats, bags, shirts and coffee mugs out there, but did you know you can get a
customized licensed plate for your golf car? Remember when Mom said, “Your eyes may be bigger than
your stomach, so don’t fill your plate”? Well, forget all that…this plate you can fill!

Do you LUV 2 GOLF? There are tons of different options for customized golf cart plates. Maybe it says
Princess, Sweet Ride, Nana’s Other Car or Grandpa Is out Joy Carting Again! You can customize your
plate with any name, sports team, graphics or funny sayings, like…Who’s Your Caddy, World’s Okayest
Golfer, Golf Is a 4 Letter Word or Grandpa’s Charity. There are smiley face golf ball graphics, golf balls
with flames shooting from them or plates that don’t relate to golf at all, such as…Trail Blazer or I Get

Whether you customize your golf cart plates or not, it is fun just shopping around for them. You can find
some great ideas and deals on the Internet. Just Google customized license plates for golf carts and
sales, offers of free shipping and a wide array of different options will pop up. So have at it, it will
definitely be more fun than some of your golf games!

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