Getting Your Golf Cart Insured

Making sure you and your family are safe and your assets are secure is always a good idea…even with
golf cart ownership. As with any vehicle, accidents can result in medical bills, lost wages, pain and
aggravation – all which can add up to significant dollar amounts. The rule of thumb is to insure your golf
cart for enough to protect you and your assets in the event of a crash.
By law, the owner is typically responsible for property damage or bodily injury cause by anyone using
his/her golf cart. And – a word to the wise – a golf cart is usually not considered a motor vehicle, so there
may very well be a gap in personal injury protection (PIP). Consequently, you may want to purchase
additional medical payments coverage.
Your golf car can be insured as a rider to your homeowners’ policy, but you need to check your policy to
see what your specific coverage would entail. Some things, such as certain crashes, may not be covered
here. You can also purchase a rider to your auto policy or insure your cart under a recreational vehicle
policy. You should research each option to be sure you are purchasing adequate coverage.
Of course you should consult your insurance agent for verification, specifics on your policy and details.
They will walk you through it and help you insure your golf cart with the best coverage for you and your

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