Golf Car Batteries and their Life

Let’s get you all charged up about extending the life of your golf car batteries through proper battery
The life expectancy of a golf cart battery varies – largely on its use and the care it sees. The average life
of a golf cart battery is about two to seven years. The good news is that batteries last longer in cooler
climates; and, you guessed it, the bad news is that, in Florida, the average life span of a battery is about
three years.

There are a bunch of things that can shorten the lifespan of your golf car batteries, including lead
sulfate, tap water and short-charging. “Huh?”…
One of the leading causes of batteries losing power is the build-up of lead sulfate on battery plates. Lead
sulfate build-up causes golf carts to slow down and batteries to hold less power over time. If batteries
aren’t used, this problem can escalate.
You want to check your battery water level. If it is low, never add tap water. Always used distilled water.

Tap water contains minerals and can reduce your battery life.
Above all, remember to keep your battery charged – even after short trips. Always allow your battery
charging process to completely finish on its own. Never short charge your battery. Short charging can
shorten the life of your batteries. Remember that even if golf carts are not being used, their batteries
still need to be charged. Unused, uncharged batteries can freeze and require replacement.
Store carts and batteries in a cool, shaded place; and if you plan to store batteries for the winter (which
you probably won’t in Florida), store them fully charged, cleaned and disconnected.

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