Golf Cars Are Great Stress Reducers

Ever think that cruising in your golf car might be a good place for meditation? It might sound crazy, but meditating while you are driving your golf car through the neighborhood can be very therapeutic.

Meditation isn’t just sitting cross legged on the floor with candles all around while you chant “ohm” with your eyes closed.  I’m not talking about zoning out. Meditation is actually the opposite. Ever hear the phrase, “Be present in the moment”? Meditation is the practice of being mindful. 

What I mean by that is that the purpose of meditation is to cultivate a higher level of awareness (and we all certainly need that when we are driving). When you meditate, the goal is to increase the consciousness of your thoughts, feelings and sensations and to develop a greater awareness of your surroundings and emotions. 

What better place for that than in the solitude of your open-air golf car, driving through picturesque surroundings (Yes, tranquil settings also help.) So, get in your golf car and relax, control your breathing and open your mind, your senses and – ultimately – your awareness of everything around you. 

Breathe in through your mouth and slowly exhale through your nose. Feel each breath as your stomach rises and falls. Keep your mind from wandering and observe the sights and sounds. Actually feel your cart move along on the road.

Now doesn’t that feel better?

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