Golf Cart Etiquette on the Course

According to Miss Manners, proper etiquette is always good form. According to the world of golf, proper golf cart etiquette on the golf course is polite and it helps to protect the turf as well as ensure the safety of you and others.

Okay, so let’s talk polite. Don’t drive your golf cart in front of other golfers when another golfer is addressing the ball and, as a courtesy to golfers behind you, drive your cart around to the back of the green before putting so they are not forced to wait longer than necessary.

You’ll also want to adhere to the warnings posted inside your golf cart, such as limit to two passengers and keep your arms and legs inside the golf cart. It seems to go without saying, but use good sense. For instance, wait until the golf cart is stopped to exit and passengers are seated before accelerating. Also try to pay closer attention and drive with more caution around the clubhouse and at intersections.

Respect the turf. Don’t make any sharp turns, don’t stop or accelerate too quickly and remain on the path whenever possible. Keep your golf cart away from the tee boxes and at least 30 feet from the greens. Water can damage the golf cart and the cart can damage mounds and bunkers, so don’t drive close to water hazards, bunkers or on grassy mounds.

There are also times when the course may enforce some added rules to protect the greens. When the golf course is wet, you may be asked to maintain a 90 degree angle from the cart path. For instance, you would drive your golf cart even with your ball and then turn 90 degrees straight toward the ball. In even more dire conditions, you may be asked to stick to the cart path only and then walk to your ball.

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