Golf Cart Races…the Next Hot Trend

Bursting out of the gate and across the lawn at a 20 mph clip, looking over your shoulder to see how close your opponent is, the wind in your hair…Daytona International Speedway? Nah, it’s a backyard golf cart race!

Golf cart races are quickly becoming the latest trend. It’s no secret they can liven up a backyard barbeque. In fact, back in February, I happened to attend a Daytona 500 race party. There was a buffet full of pulled pork sandwiches, lots of beer and plenty of other festive fare. The host had even hauled out his big screen televisions so that everyone had a front row seat for the race.

Ah, but before the green flag was ceremoniously waived to the joyful glee of all the guests, the real race began. Golf carts from all over the neighborhood lined up for a spirited rivalry of their own. We laughed, we cheered and, I have to say, it was the most fun I have had at a backyard barbeque in quite some time.

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