Golf Carts Are Ideal for Teaching Teens How to Drive before They Hit the Roads

A little worried that your teen will be driving soon? Want to add an extra layer of protection to keep your kid safe? Golf carts are ideal for parents who want to ensure that their teens know how to drive before they hit the highway…and all that added potential danger.

Learning to drive in a golf cart is so much safer than learning to drive in a car on the road. Golf carts can’t go as fast as and they can also come equipped with a host of safety equipment, including retractable safety belts, roll bars and cages, turn signals, rearview mirrors, headlights and reinforced windshields with wipers. 

Driving a golf cart can help teens become familiar and much more comfortable with driving before they actually drive a car on a busy street. They can practice and become proficient at parking, steering, hitting the gas, and using their brake, turn signals and mirrors; as well as develop a more keen overall awareness of their surroundings…an absolute necessity when surrounded by Florida drivers, if you know what I mean.

In fact, using golf carts for driver training is such a celebrated idea that certain schools are even adding it to their drivers’ training course to help teach teens the dangers of risky driving behaviors, such as texting while driving. One exercise within their driver training curriculum is to have students try to text while driving a golf cart around safety cones in a secure area. I bet you can guess what happens. Students quickly learn that texting while driving is a horrendous idea with potentially horrifying consequences…an excellent lesson.

Within a safe environment and with supervision, golf carts can provide your teen with the proper tools and experience he or she needs to cope with all of the potential hazards that driving a car on the road can present. So don’t drive yourself crazy. Drive over to Gulf Atlantic Vehicles on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach to check out our enormous inventory of carts and get your questions answered by some of this area’s most knowledgeable golf cart experts! 

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