How Many Passengers Can Fit Into a Golf Cart?

How many clowns can fit into a Volkswagon, or how many extra pounds can fit into Grandma’s straining Spanx? Do we really want to know? Uh…I’m guessing no, but if you ask how many passengers can fit into a golf cart, now there’s a good question!

Golf carts come in all sizes. There are two-passenger golf cars that can easily cart you, a friend and your clubs around the course. There are four-passenger golf cars with a bench seat up front and another that faces the rear. These are ideal for socializing around the neighborhood and taking your family to school or soccer games. If you have a lot of family members and friends, you may want to consider a six- passenger golf car with two bench seats facing forward and one facing behind. And if you want to go big or go home, go eight-seater!

The size you choose will be largely dependent upon your plans for your golf cart. Recreationally, they are great for golfing, getting around on a large property or within a small city, for camping trips, amusing the grandkids and so much more! Golf cars also have a multitude of commercial uses, from passenger transportation, to shuttles and tours, moving merchandise in warehouses, replenishing stock in stores, indoor and outdoor hauling, security patrol, hospitality and housekeeping.  

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