How to Avoid Golf Cart Theft in Your Community

As golf carts become more popular and as they become adorned with even more cool accessories, they become more coveted and, sadly, more at risk for theft. Even more sadly, golf carts are simple to steel. Over 30,000 of them are stolen every year!

One of the best ways to protect against golf cart thieves is to store your golf car in your garage or locked storage shed. Besides protecting your golf cart against the elements like the wind, rain and salt air, storing your cart inside will keep it out of sight and eliminate easy access for potential golf cart thieves.

One scary thing about golf carts that many people do not know is that factory carts come with generic keys that are interchangeable among carts. Can I just say, “Wow”? This makes golf carts incredibly simple to steel.  Eliminate this whole crazy scenario by installing your own unique key switch.

Installing a theft deterrent is also a great way to protect your golf cart. Remote security systems are terrific. A more affordable option is a golf pedal lock. Wireless security camera systems are also a wonderful way to keep any eye on your cart (and everything else on your property). Security lights are also a plus. Get some lights with motion sensors, and install them so that they are pointed directly at your golf cart. Nothing like a bright light to deter a thief!

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