Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries are the new talk of the golf car world. Here at Gulf Atlantic Vehicles we carry Lithium Ion options in both Club Car and EZGO. We also offer after-market, drop-in lithium battery options.

A few perks to lithium ion batteries:

  1. They are maintenance free – No filling the batteries with water!
  2. They charge in half the time it typically takes lead acid batteries to charge.
  3. They can sit longer. So if you leave for a few months in the summertime, you won’t have to worry about your cart battery being dead when you come home.
  4. Extended range options! You can add multiple battery packs to get 40+ miles of range!


Our EZGO ELiTE Lithium Ion carts are powered by zero-maintenance Samsung SDI Lithium batteries and an advanced Battery Management System, which guarantees unbeatable performance for the entire lifespan of the batteries. With these great batteries, there is no terminal post cleaning, and no watering. EZGO is so confident in this battery pack, that they offer an eight-year battery warranty. No matter the level of charge of the batteries, they maintain consistent power, and charge two-times as fast as lead-acid batteries. You can charge these batteries anytime, anywhere without affecting battery health.

The ELiTE Lithium is available from EZGO in Freedom RXV (two passenger), all Express vehicles, and the Liberty.

Club Car:

Our Club Car HP Lithium Ion carts are very comparable to EZGO! They have an LG Chem automotive Lithium Ion battery pack. The automotive-quality technology features a self-contained, fully coated steel, water-tight battery case and pouch cell Lithium technology. This minimizes internal battery weld connections to improve overall reliability of the system. Club Car offers a six-year battery warranty. These batteries also require no maintenance, and have a zero degradation in hill-climbing (or bridge climbing!) performance or acceleration over the lifespan of the battery. Club Car offers three different programmable drive modes – econ, normal, and sport mode, which Gulf Atlantic Vehicles can program for you!

The Club Car Lithium Ion carts are now available in all onward models. 

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