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With over 30 years of experience in the golf cart industry, Gulf Atlantic Vehicles can help you find the perfect golf car for you.

Florida offers an interesting dichotomy of seniors who liberally use their golf cart out and about and within their retirement community to keep active, social and independent; and those who may be a little younger, using their golf cart to scoot on over to their kid’s soccer game or possibly for easily traversing their larger, rural property.

The weather is great here, so golf carts are pretty much a staple in Florida. They can be equipped with larger tires for navigating our sandy beaches; with coolers for picnicking or watching sporting and other events; or with upgrades like plush seating, carpeting, fans, rain enclosures, cup holders and radios for a comfortable ride anywhere!

Florida golf carts can be outfitted for street legal driving with safety features such as DOT windshield with wiper, proper lighting, seat belts, SMV sign and more. At Gulf Atlantic Vehicles, you can buy a golf cart as is or add absolutely anything you like! Wrap them in camo, paint them pink or jack them up. Our exceptional service and parts department is always at your service!

Whatever your pleasure, Gulf Atlantic Vehicles has been serving this area with a buffet of wonderful golf cart choices and accessories. So come on over to our convenient Pioneer Trail, New Smyrna Beach location and check out our menu!

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