Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Basics: What Is Needed to Be Street Legal

You’d like to be able to drive your golf cart on the road as well as off-road. So what do you need to make your golf cart street legal?

U.S. Federal Safety Standards require street legal golf carts to have a vin number, a windshield with safety glass, three-point safety belts for each seat, front and rear turn signals, head lamps, tail lamps and stop lamps, brake lights, a horn, an exterior driver side mirror and either an interior mirror or a passenger side mirror, windshield wipers, on-road tires and a parking brake.

That’s a tall order. So where is the best place to go to purchase a street legal golf cart or to convert your existing golf cart into a street legal ride? Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is the trusted source for golf cart sales, as well as golf cart customization in the New Smyrna Beach area. 

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is the best place for purchasing a new golf cart because it is an authorized dealer for top golf car manufacturers, including E-Z-GO, Gem and Club Car. Factory warranties are provided on all new golf carts and all pre-owned carts are reconditioned and put through a rigorous service and cleaning process. 

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is also – hands down – the best place to bring your golf cart for customization. As a licensed car dealer, Gulf Atlantic can convert your off-road cart into a completely street legal ride. We have 10 years of manufacturing experience; our service and assembly departments are fully staffed with professional, mobile factory trained technicians; our accessories department is fully stocked; and we have on-site computer tools for even the most sophisticated electrical systems. 

Stop by our convenient location on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach or call us at 386-427-9778 for more information.


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