The Many Uses of Golf Carts

You may be shocked and amazed to find out how many uses there are for golf carts. Golf cars come in all shapes and sizes today. They offer a wide range of accessories and can be customized down to just about every detail. Since there are so many variations of golf carts, there are subsequently almost as many uses for them.
Golf carts are a wonderful solution for seniors who can no longer drive or simply don’t feel as comfortable driving. For this population, a golf cart opens up a world that was closed to them. They can pick up items at the convenience store and visit friends or maybe to just get out and “smell the roses.” It literally restores their social life and helps them maintain their independence. Golf cars offer a similar solution for those with disabilities who might not be otherwise able to drive.
You may actually be surprised to learn that, today, golf carts are used recreationally in many capacities. Of course, golf carts will always be used for golfing, but they are also an excellent way to get around on a large property or within a small city, amuse the grandkids…or even use during camping trips for transportation throughout the campsite and beyond.
Golf cars also have a host of commercial uses, from passenger transportation, to shuttles and tours, moving merchandise in warehouses, replenishing stock in stores, indoor and outdoor hauling, security patrol, hospitality and housekeeping.
Golf carts are very gas efficient and offer an environmentally sensitive mode of transportation. Electric carts are great for the environment because they can reduce the carbon footprint by decreasing noise and air pollution.
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