Seniors Love Golf Carts to Get Around

Are you getting older? Maybe you’re not as comfortable driving your car in heavy traffic anymore. Maybe you want to save money on gas or maybe you live in a retirement community where being social and getting around is so much easier with a golf car.

Golf cars are affordable and fun to drive. When you drive in the open air, you have more ability to observe and enjoy your surroundings and interact with people as you go. Golf cars have become so popular that many retirement communities have even made themselves more accommodating to golf car owners by converting their communities into cart-friendly communities, where everything is accessible by golf car!

In some ways, owning a golf cart is like having a big toy, and the options and accessories available today are seemingly limitless! They can be equipped with coolers, radios, plush carpeting, cushy seats and more.

They are great for golf, but golf cars are also perfect for little jaunts like running nearby errands to the bank, grocery store or deli. Some older couples find they can get by with one car and one golf car, instead of two cars. That saves on a car payment as well as your gas bill!

Golf carts are perfect for seniors, and their grandkids and dogs love them too! They also have a miniscule carbon footprint which is great for the environment, and they are safe. Golf car owners can maintain their independence without having to drive at higher speeds, and when they take their foot off the accelerator, the golf car instantly stops. No need for braking. Most go around 15-20 mph, so they are easy to maneuver. They are also very easy to park.

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