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Golf cars are great. They are fun on the beach and around the neighborhood and handy when you own a big piece of property. They are an excellent mode of transportation for short jaunts. They help keep us social and independent – even in (or maybe I should say, especially in) these crazy times. They save us money on gas and help save the environment with their tiny carbon footprint. 

Ok, so I can see you’re sold on the golf car idea, but why settle for a run of the mill golf car that everyone else has when you can have yours made to order? Don’t worry. You’ll never have to settle at Gulf Atlantic Vehicles because our service and assembly department has all the know-how and scads of cool golf car accessories to build you that sweet ride that will be unmistakably yours. 

Want it jacked up or souped up? Gotcha! Need a built-in cooler, cup holders, carpet, fans and cushy seats for comfort? We can do that too. You need us to install a state-of-the-art sound system for your sick tunes? Want your golf car wrapped in camo or sporting flames? Maybe you are a bit more conventional and you just want to add some safety devices or some protection from the sun or rain? Want to make your golf car street legal? Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is a licensed car dealer, so we can to convert your golf car into a Department of Motor Vehicles approved street legal vehicle too. Whatever your pleasure, you can get it at the Gulf Atlantic Vehicles Service & Assembly Department.

Remember that Kevin Costner baseball movie? Just think of Gulf Atlantic Vehicles Service & Assembly Department as your Field of Dreams. If you come, we will build it, whatever “it” happens to be. Our Gulf Atlantic Vehicles Service & Assembly Department is fully staffed with highly trained service technicians who are qualified to work on all the top make and model golf cars. You just pick all the options you want. Then let Gulf Atlantic Vehicles custom-build the ideal golf car for you!

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