Show Off Your Golf Car at the Beach

Did you just purchase a brand spanking new golf car that you absolutely love? Maybe you tricked out your current golf car with a wicked wrap or you added a built-in cooler and fans that are just jonesing for some sun and sand? What are you waiting for? 

Some New Smyrna beaches offer driving areas, so give that cherry ride the publicity it deserves, get the beach babes and brawn to turn their heads your way and thank those sweet wheels for some well-earned swagger. It’s time to take that puppy on the beach for a spin!

The beloved tradition of driving on the hard-packed sand of New Smyrna Beach dates back to the invention of the automobile and continues today – even for golf cars. You only need to pay a $5 per vehicle or get a season pass for $20 and then you can take full advantage of the six miles of beach where driving is allowed – from sunrise to sunset, tide permitting.

You’re not allowed to drive your golf car in what is referred to as the Natural Zone, which is where turtle nesting is prevalent and other wildlife habitats are protected. However you are allowed to drive 15 feet seaward from dunes or seawalls in some Urban Zones, where off-beach development includes hotels and condos. You are also allowed 30 feet seaward in some Transitional Zones, which are less populated than the Urban Zones, but where turtle nesting is less prevalent.

Driving permitted areas on the beach should be clearly marked, so just make sure you check the signage to be safe. Then have at it and brag up that machine!


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