Social Butterflies Find Our Golf Cars Useful

If you’re a social creature, a good golf car from Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is the ticket for you! 

Ever think you might like to go somewhere with very little parking and then think better of it so you can avoid the hassle? Well, if you have your own golf car you can think again! When you drive up in a golf car instead of a truck, SVU or regular-sized car, parking becomes a breeze! 

Heck, if you go to see a band at an outdoor venue, like Lost Lagoon for instance, you don’t even have to worry about a seat. Park your golf car and, voila, you have your own comfy seating without missing a beat!

Plus, in these trying times filled with social distancing, a golf car can increase and enhance your social interaction. Just think, you and your friends can drive your golf cars to meet at the home of your choice and hold a Covid-19-free happy hour! Or just drive down your street to chat with your neighbors at a safe distance. Even in these challenging days, golf cars offer a much more social way for us to be.

Golf cars are also perfect if you live in a 55+ or senior living community. Why limit your independence and the amount of socializing you do just because walking around can be difficult? Just get in your golf car and go! Or if you simply need to give yourself a break from the monotony, just hop in your golf car for a short jaunt to feel the breeze in your hair and smell the roses…literally!

If it all (or any of it) sounds good to you, Gulf Atlantic Vehicles, conveniently located on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach, has got just what you need!


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