Street Legal Carts and DOT Approved Windshields: We Can Help

Golf cars have become extremely popular, especially in states with warmer climates such as Florida.
They are used for golfing, camping, hauling and to amuse the grandkids. They help seniors and those
with disabilities maintain their independence and they are a great way to get around on a large

They are even more handy when they can be driven on the road. When your cart is street legal, you
could make a quick trip to the grocery store or bank without using any gas. Many couples can even save
money by scaling back to one car instead of two if they have a street legal golf cart.

To make a golf cart street legal in Florida, you need efficient brakes, reliable steering and safe tires.
Well, duh, who wouldn’t have that going on already? But you also need a rearview mirror and reflective
warning devices in the front and rear. There is a statute addressing horns or other warning devices; and,
if you want to drive at night, your golf cart needs to be equipped with headlights, turn signals and a DOT
approved windshield.

Want to make your golf car street legal? Come to Gulf Atlantic Vehicles. As a licensed car dealer, we can
convert your off-road cart to a completely street legal ride. Gulf Atlantic, New Smyrna Beach’s trusted
golf car source, offers service and assembly departments that are fully staffed with professional, mobile
factory trained technicians, and we have our fingers on the pulse of Florida’s golf cart regulations. Feel
free to visit our convenient location on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach or call us at 386-427- 9778.

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