Taking Your Pets for a Ride

What up Dog???!!! Pet owners have all seen it, the sad doggy face when he knows you are leaving. Our
dogs want to be with us wherever we go, and if you own a golf cart, they can!
Dogs love to ride in the car, and golf carts are no different. Wait, let me back-up…they are actually
different. They are an even better experience for dogs because in a golf cart, they are totally surrounded
by open air and enticing sights and smells. It’s a virtual doggy heaven!

There are some things to remember when taking your best bud out on your cart. We are only human
and scary things can happen, so the first rule of thumb is to keep your canine companion safe. Teach
him to stay. Your dog could be in a heap load of trouble if he does not adhere to the stay command. Just
imagine what could happen if we gets excited and jumps out while you are moving, or into traffic or
some other not-so- safe situation.

And here’s something that may surprise you…Just as they have dog carriers, totes and bike baskets for
dogs, they make golf cart seats for your furry friend! These bad boys are cozy and comfortable and add
another level of safety for your dog. They can be made out of micro suede, memory foam and can even
be water resistant or waterproof.

So don’t leave Spike or Princess behind! Take them on your golf cart journeys through your
neighborhood, down the street…anywhere you go doggonit!

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