Our golf carts haul our kids, our grandkids, our aging parents, our dogs and more…precious cargo, so we
need to make sure the tires on our golf car are in tip-top shape; and that includes changing them right
on time.

Basically, golf cart tires are the same as the tires on other vehicles. They are just smaller and have
special treads to accommodate off-road driving. Your golf cart tire life expectancy depends on how often
you use your cart and how you use your cart (ie: load weight, driving speeds and conditions in which you
drive and store your vehicle).

You want to make sure that you replace your golf cart tires in a timely manner to avoid flats due to wear
and tear. No one wants their tires to go flat and leave you or someone you love in the middle of
nowhere. So…

Check the tread. You can check your tread by placing a penny in the groove of your tire to see how much
tread you have left. Replace your tires when your tread is worn. Also look for irregular swelling or bumps
and dry rot or cracks. If you have any of these, you need to change your tires.

Air pressure is key to maintaining the life of your golf car tires. Check your tire pressure regularly. Too
little pressure will cause your tires to wear prematurely and too much will cause the internal tire to wear
down. Replace your tires when you can no longer add air, or when you find yourself having to fill your
tires with air every few weeks.

As Creedence Clearwater Revival would say, “Big Wheels Keep on Turning,” and the little ones will too if
you take care of them. Change your golf car tires regularly and Mary will be proud J

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