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Golf cars offer a wide range of accessories and can be customized down to just about every detail. They can include carpeting, radios and so many other impressive accessories. Some even have coolers! They also offer safety features, such as rearview mirrors, brake lights, safety belts, turn signals and headlights, but did you know you can also get your golf cart equipped with a roof and/or windshield with wipers?

Golf cart roofs and windshields offer unparalleled benefits. They both keep your passengers warm, dry and comfortable by protecting them from wind, rain and sun. Additionally, a roof allows for the addition of accessories such as a roof rack, storage rack, radio, GPS unit and cooling fan. Golf cart roofs are made in a variety of materials, from tough plastic to steel. They also come in a wide array of colors. Some manufacturers even offer solar roofs which help reduce charging costs of electric carts to practically zero! That’s not the only cost savings benefit to a solar roof. There is actually a tax credit for solar roofs, and they are proven to increase battery life. They are also environmentally friendly.

Windshields can be clear or tinted. Clear can offer better visibility, while tinted can further protect you from the elements. The more resistant a windshield is to ultraviolet rays, the more resistant it will be to brittleness cause by exposure to sunlight. Tinting also, of course, decreases the sun’s glare.

Windshields can be made from acrylic, which is an inexpensive, hard plastic, scratch resistant option. There is also an impact-modified acrylic. This material was modified so that if it is hit with an object such as a golf ball, it is less likely to break because it is not as hard. Softer still, poly-carbonate is more costly, but it can take a significant hit and not break.

However you choose to accessorize your golf cart, it is wise to purchase from a reliable vendor. Gulf Atlantic, New Smyrna Beach’s trusted golf car source, carries all the top lines and offers hundreds of options and accessories to create the perfect custom vehicle for your needs. Feel free to visit our convenient location on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach or call us at 386-427-9778.


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