Golf Accessories:

Sand Bottles (shown), Sand Buckets, Coolers (shown), Ball Washers, Rakes


Side Folding, 5 Panel, Convex, Side Folding w/ LED Safety Lights

Premium and Custom Seating

Club Car Options: Black, Grey, Camello, Light Beige, Black & Grey EZGO Options: Mushroom, Black, Grey ~Or choose colors/styles from one of our custom seat vendors~

When Is It Time to Change the Tires on Your Golf Cart?

Our golf carts haul our kids, our grandkids, our aging parents, our dogs and more…precious cargo, so we need to make sure the tires on our golf car are in tip-top shape; and that includes changing them right on time. Basically, golf cart tires are the same as the tires on other vehicles. They are […]

The Importance of Keeping Your Golf Cart Well Maintained

Preventive maintenance can go a long way with golf carts, and the little bit of time and investment required for your golf cart care will be well worth it in the long run. It will keep your golf cart in great shape for you, and help you to retain its value in case you ever […]

Our Large Selection Golf Carts Can Get You Exactly What You Want

OH, YES WE DID! Gulf Atlantic Vehicles, New Smyrna Beach’s premier golf cart provider, carries an enormous array of new and used golf carts – enabling you to find and purchase exactly what you want. And if by chance you don’t see what you need on our lot, we also offer hundreds of options and […]

Test Drive Your Golf Carts!

Would you buy a car without test driving it? No way, right? It’s the same for a new or used golf cart. Each has different advantages and custom options, and each can offer a completely different ride. Test driving different golf carts can also help you find out exactly what type of golf car best […]

Golf Carts in New Smyrna Beach

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles, the New Smyrna Beach area premier golf cart provider carries the world’s top golf cart brands and offers hundreds of options and accessories to create the perfect custom vehicle to perfectly match your needs. One of the high quality golf car lines carried by Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is Gem Golf Cars, engineered […]

Quality Golf Carts in New Smyrna Beach

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles provides a vast inventory of high quality golf carts to the New Smyrna Beach community. We are Volusia County’s factory authorized dealer for E-Z-GO, one of the world’s top names in golf carts. Club Car, a 50-year-old company with worldwide distribution and a remarkable reputation for providing long-lasting value, has also chosen […]

New Smyrna Beach…Loaded with Exciting Events!

New Smyrna Beach is full of surprises. Think of it as a baked potato…totally unassuming, right? Yes, until you load it with cheddar and bacon! In other words, New Smyrna Beach is full of small charm appeal, but don’t let it fool you. As you begin to spend in New Smyrna Beach, you will EVENTually […]

Golf Cars Can Be the Perfect Gift for Seniors…and their Children

Are your parents senior citizens? Maybe they live in a retirement community. If they are or if they do, consider giving them a golf car. It will improve their life in so many ways, and, if you feel it is time for Mom or Dad to put away the car keys, it will also give […]

How a Golf Cart Can Improve Your Life

Golf carts are a safe, environmentally sensitive mode of transportation that can facilitate independence and mobility. There are so many ways they can improve lives. They offer alternative transportation for seniors, children and people with disabilities who may not be licensed or have access to an automobile. This enables this population to get out more, […]

New Smyrna Beach Events

It’s Summertime in New Smyrna Beach! New Smyrna Beach is a great place to be in the summer. We all know that New Smyrna Beach is one of the most charming seaside towns in Florida, but did you know that New Smyrna Beach offers some of the area’s best summertime events? Let’s take a look […]

Orlando: History

A Brief History of Orlando In 1830, the United States built Fort Gaitlin south of present day Orlando to protect settlers from Indian attacks. By 1840, a small settlement known as Jernigan had grown up around the fort. The name came from early settlers in the area, the Jernigan family. By 1850, Jernigan had a […]

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles – Club Car

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is a Proud Dealer for Club Car Club Car, a 50-year old company with worldwide distribution and a remarkable reputation for providing long-lasting value, has chosen Gulf Atlantic as its dealer in this region. Club Car offers some of the finest golf, utility and transportation vehicles in the industry. Club Car’s stylish […]

Events in the Port Orange Area

Port Orange Events Port Orange is full of great events throughout the year. Just to name a few… April is known for a fabulous two-day Art and Jazz Festival with art on display, great eats and entertainment by military, university, high school and middle school jazz bands. On July 4th, Port Orange holds its “Independence […]

Golf Carts Improve the Lives of Seniors

Golf Carts Improve the Lives of Seniors In many warm weather retirement developments, golf carts have become the transportation of choice. In fact, many retirement communities are developed with the “golf cart lifestyle” in mind, offering golf cart trails throughout their campuses. Golf carts are considered safer than driving a car because they are slow […]


Gulf Atlantic Vehicles provides E-Z-GO Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is Volusia County’s factory authorized dealer for E-Z-GO – one of the top golf cart brands in the world! E-Z-GO, a recipient of the coveted Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, is a world leading manufacturer of golf carts, utility vehicles and personal transportation vehicles. They build tens […]

Golf Carts Score Big in Florida Communities

Golf Carts Score Big in Florida Communities From golf courses, to neighborhood streets, to self-contained communities, golf carts have made quite a hit in the New Smyrna Beach area. They have been found to be perfect for campgrounds, apartment or senior complexes, farms, beaches, large warehouses, or simply for personal pleasure. The first golf cart […]

Proud to Serve Daytona Beach

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is Proud to Serve Daytona Beach Gulf Atlantic Vehicles is just minutes from Daytona Beach, where some of the country’s best beaches and most fun awaits. February is famous for the Daytona 500, or just wait until March and enjoy Bike Week – a 10-day celebration with music, food and activities. The […]

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