How to Avoid Golf Cart Theft in Your Community

As golf carts become more popular and as they become adorned with even more cool accessories, they become more coveted and, sadly, more at risk for theft. Even more sadly, golf carts are simple to steel. Over 30,000 of them are stolen every year! One of the best ways to protect against golf cart thieves […]

Why Children Enjoy Riding Around in Golf Carts

Kids love the outdoors, spending quality time with their parents and grandparents, and they certainly love a great amusement ride! Golf carts offer all that and more. When you ride in a golf cart, you operate at low speeds, giving you time to enjoy the ride, your companions and your environment. Golf carts are an […]

Why We Carry Club Car

In the market for a high quality, affordable golf cart? Then join the club known for some of the finest golf, utility and transportation vehicles in the industry. That’s why Gulf Atlantic Vehicles carries Club Car, a 50-year old company with worldwide distribution and a remarkable reputation for providing long-lasting value. Whatever your golf cart […]

Golf Cart Maintenance and How Gulf Atlantic Vehicles Can Help

Gulf Atlantic Vehicles Shop with mechanic

Golf carts actually don’t need that much care, but as with everything, a little bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way. One of the most important things you can do for your golf cart is to keep a watchful eye on things. Check your tire pressure, check underneath from time to time to […]

Customized License Plates for Golf Carts

We all know there are golf hats, bags, shirts and coffee mugs out there, but did you know you can get a customized licensed plate for your golf car? Remember when Mom said, “Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, so don’t fill your plate”? Well, forget all that…this plate you can fill! Do […]

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